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Prague meeting
XXVIth General Assembly,
Prague, Czech Republic, 14 - 25 August, 2006

A/CC's Major News,
About Minor Objects

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Data Base of Physical Properties of Near Earth Asteroids











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Peter Jenniskens
Ed Tedesco

Last Updated:
13 October 2005

(Added 2005 Triennial Report and associated references to Archives.)




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International Astronomical Union

Union Astronomique Internationale


IAU Commission 15

Physical Studies of Comets and Minor Planets

L'Etude Physique des Cometes et Petites Planetes


Officers for the 2003-2006 Triennium

President: Edward Tedesco

Vice President: Walter Huebner

Secretary: Peter Jenniskens

Past President: H. Uwe Keller

Organizing Committee: D. Bockelee-Morvan (France), A. Harris (Germany), N. Kiselev (Ukraine), L.-A. McFadden (USA), T. Michalowski (Poland), K. Muinonen (Finland), H. Reitsema (USA), Y. Ma (China), R. Shulz (Netherlands), and M. V. Sykes (USA).

Chairpersons of Working Groups

Asteroids: Alberto Cellino

Comets: Tetsuo Yamamoto

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